Adventist Education Branding Standards

In order to maximize the potential for promoting a positive image of Adventist education, it is important to put forward a consistent, cohesive brand, used in an intentional manner.

The North American Division Adventist Education Logo

The center of Adventist Christian Education philosophy is inherent in the logo design and tagline. The logo uses the initials “A” and “E” in a spiritual arrangement. The upward road within the block “A” illustrates that Adventist education points students heavenward, ever aspiring to more true knowledge and understanding. Adventist Education is a journey to eternity through knowledge and the miracle of grace in the heart. It is an active learning system that emphasizes excellence and a Christ-centered life. As the “three angels’ message” is central to Seventh-day Adventist doctrine, it is also at the core of Adventist education. This “message” sounds deliberately, preparing youth to be committed and valuable members of society and heirs of Christ.




The Adventist Education logo is composed of the mark (the stylized “A”) and the signature (the words “Adventist Education”). The mark may not be used without the signature.

The tagline “A Journey to Excellence 2.0” ties in with the North American Division Office of Education document that was produced in 2002 to create a renewed vision for curriculum in Seventh-day Adventist schools in the 21st century. It is about innovative change that builds on the strengths of the past to create a dynamic future.

Be sure to match the official logo colors when printing: Blue, Pantone 295; Yellow, Pantone 1235.

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