Equity, Diversity & Accountability



Since the summer of 2020, Auburn Adventist Academy, located in Washington state, in partnership with a Focus Group of parents,

community members, staff and students, has been hard at work in identifying and implementing areas for growth in equity, diversity and accountability at the school. The focus group, which is called The Equity, Diversity & Accountability (EDA) Coalition, at the request of the academy, researched, identified, and recommended steps and action plans to help to make the school a safe place where all God's children are treated with equity. Auburn Adventist Academy, in partnership with the EDA Coalition, has been implementing these recommendations since the fall of 2020, and it's been inspiring to see God's work at hand and to see what living out Micah 6:8 can look like in tangible ways within one of our educational settings. To learn more about the journey and the specific steps, action plans, the EDA Report, the Gantt chart, which is updated regularly to gauge progress, and to see the ways that the school is implementing the needed changes, go to the following links:

Action Steps

EDA Report and the Gantt chart outlining the school's progress.

Culture Celebrations

Auburn Adventist Academy

See how the school is celebrating the diversity of the students in their cultural celebration chapels.


EDA Coalition and EDA Team Members

EDA Report

Outline of the data collected and recommendations needed