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Virtual Global Campmeeting Education Sessions

Education experts discuss the on going changes in the learning environment and how to adapt and manage on line learning in a safe and effective way. Also, see the exciting developments in science to help us understand our world.


Round table panels

Encouraging and supporting girls and women in STEM studies and careers (54 min)
[Durán Royo, Ketting-Weller, Mutinga, Penniecook-Sawyer, Phaswana-Mafuya, Simmons]

Fundraising: Best practices (64 min)
[PowerPoint] [Andreasen, Andreasen, Beardsley-Hardy]

How to afford an Adventist education (51 min)
[Florez, Marroni, Saint-Ulysse, Taylor, Thomas]

How to be an “A” student online (37 min)
[Beardsley-Hardy, Bradfield, Casimiro, Wa-Mbaleka]

Protecting students online (45 min)
[Bradley, Casimiro, Larrabee, McGarrell, Melgosa, Staats]


Adventist Education Reaching the World

Africa – ECD, SID, and WAD Reports (29 min) [Balisasa, Kadyakapita, Mutero]

Americas – NAD, IAD, and SAD Reports (25 min) [Florez, Luz, Nielsen]

Asia – NSD, SSD, and CHUM Reports (29 min) [Domingo, Mak, Sabuin]

Euroasia, South Pacific, and the Subcontinent – ESD, SPD, and SUD Reports (25 min) [Das, McClintock, Riapolov]

Europe & Middle East – EUD, TED, and MENAU Reports (21 min) [Bryson, Duda, Munteanu]


Presentations and seminars

01 – Strategies for engaging learners in an online class [Gaikwad] (33 min)

02 – Balancing work, study, and parenting [Rosario] (55 min)

06 – Sharing: What we have to offer the scientific community [Clausen] (27 min)

07 – ¿Puede un científico ser cristiano? (Spanish) [Esperante] (12 min)

10 – Effective communication across cultural barriers [Dybdahl] (39 min)

12 – EXSEED: Excellence in STEM Experiential Education [Eggers] (18 min)

13 – Surveys conducted by the Adventist Church [Stele] (36 min)

14 – Teaching online the Adventist way [Gaikwad] (24 min)

15 – School leadership in a time of crisis [Rosario] (14 min)

17 – Unity in diversity [Saban] (42 min)

18 – Getting to know AMiCUS and the Dialogue Magazine (47 minutes) [de Sousa, Kibuuka, Moorooven]

19 – Creation, evolution, and end-time prophecy: Connecting the dots [Spencer] (31 min)

20 – The Encyclopedia of Seventh-day Adventists [Santrac] (23 min)

30 – Data collection to inform education [Ban] (29 min)

32 – Jordan River: A model for Adventist schools [Sabuin] (30 min)

33 – How does faith guide your work: AU case study insights [Bradfield, Covrig] (31 min)

35 – Origin of the universe: Accident or design (Russian) [Popov] (22 min)

38 – Entropía y el fin del universo: ¿Hay lugar para la fe? (Spanish) [González] (31 min)

45 – Understanding the philosophy of education of Ellen G. White and John Dewey through a quantitative method [Kim] (22 min)

46 – Evidence vs. proof in creation [Menzmer] (32 min)

48 – Developing Christian virtues and character [Covrig, Noseworthy, Patterson] (37 min)

49 – Creation Sabbath: A How-To Guide [Standish] (37 min)

51 – School of the prophets: Cultivating faith in university students [Bosman, Palmer, von Maur] (32 min)

52 – Heroes II [Morris, Menezes] (17 min)

53 – How to reach youth through visual storytelling [Jamel] (34 min)

54 – Teachers needed (Spanish) [Castillo] (30 min)

55 – Add for a new world: More professional missionaries for Jesus (Spanish) [Collins] (27 min)