Arne Nielsen

Vice President, Education

phone: 443.391.7284

fax: 443.259.4887


Arne P. Nielsen believes that the real object of education, through the work of the Holy Spirit, is to transform the lives of students and “restore in man the image of his Maker … promoting the development of body, mind, and soul.” As a lifelong Christian educator, Arne believes that all children have the right to reach their God-given potential. He believes that the best way to accomplish this is by relying on God to lead, building trust and buy-in from educators, developing instructional leaders at the school level, and creating a differentiated system that provides resources and support for educators to grow and flourish.

Arne holds a PhD in Leadership from Andrews University, a Master’s Degree in School Administration from Western Carolina University, and a Bachelor of Science Degree from Andrews University.

Previous to Arne’s coming to the NAD Education Office, he served as Vice President for Integrated Youth Ministries in the Florida Conference, leading Children’s and Family Ministry, Youth and Young Adults Ministry, Camp Ministry, and the Education Department in a joint venture to disciple God’s children. Previous to that position he served for four years as Superintendent of Education in the Florida Conference and three years as Superintendent of Education in the Idaho Conference. At these schools Arne taught physical education, health, and biology lab; coached gymnastics; and served as a boys’ dean, vice-principal, principal, and business manager.

Arne is married to Teen (Fraser) who has partnered with him in life for 40+ years. Teen has supported Arne’s educational ministry by filling specific needs at each location where they’ve worked. Most recently she has served as financial aid advisor at Florida Hospital’s Adventist University and is currently an administrative assistant at World Headquarters in the office of Secretariat working with Adventist Volunteer Services. Arne and Teen have three boys: Josh, a Business Marketer and Manager; Jake, a gymnastics instructor; and Jesse, an artist/entrepreneur.

Leisa Morton-Standish

Director, Elementary / Curriculum

phone: 443.391.7288

fax: 443.259.4887


Dr. Leisa Morton-Standish is the Director of Elementary Education at the North American Division. She brings broad teaching experience to the position, that includes teaching in small rural schools as well as in large urban schools. She has taught on the east and west coasts of the U.S, both in and out of the Adventist education system, and in Australia and New Zealand. She has also spent a considerable part of her career teaching at universities, including lecturing in the education departments at the University of Maryland, Washington Adventist University and Macquarie University, a large state university in Sydney, Australia, with over 40,000 students.

Leisa holds a PhD in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Maryland,an MA in Education from California State University and a Diploma in Education from Avondale College. Her research focuses on persuasive writing, classroom collaborative strategies, experiential learning and problem-based education. She has been published in major peer reviewed journals and has presented at major academic conferences. She has also actively participated in a number church and secular education committees, including sitting on the District of Columbia's early childhood task-force.

Leisa is married to James Standish, JD (Georgetown University), MBA (The University of Virginia), a consultant in public advocacy, law and media. She has three children, Shea (10th grade), Skye (7th grade) and Boyi (Kindergarten). Leisa is committed to Christ and the ideals of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Her first love is the classroom where she can share her passion for learning and her love for Jesus.

Stephen Bralley

Secondary Education / Accreditation

phone: 443.391.7281

fax: 443.259.4887


Before accepting the call to the NAD, Stephen Bralley worked as the Superintendent of Education for the Kentucky-Tennessee Conference, supervising PK-12 grade schools spread across western Tennessee and all of Kentucky. From 2010-2015, he was principal/multi-grade teacher Shoal Creek Adventist School. He was at Great Plains Academy and Enterprise Academy in Enterprise, Kansas, contributing in various roles as boys’ dean, teacher, and as  head administrator for 11 years. He started his teaching career in the public school system of Putnam County, Tennessee.

He is fully endorsed in Elementary and Secondary Education, specifically in the areas of Social Studies, History, English, Religion, and Civics. His academic background includes Little Creek Academy in Knoxville, Tennessee, Southern Adventist University, and Tennessee Technological University where he graduated with an Bachelor of Science degree in Education.

Stephen grew up in Cookeville, Tennessee. He met his wife, Tina, while they were both serving in Georgia-Cumberland Conference as camp staff at Cohutta Springs where eventually he would become the Youth Camp Associate Director.

Evelyn Sullivan

Early Childhood / REACH

phone: 443.391.7283

fax: 443.259.4887


Evelyn Sullivan is the Director for Early Childhood Education and REACH at the North American Division and brings administrative and teaching experience to the position. She joined the Columbia Union Education Department in 2008 as the associate director for early childhood education and REACH. In her more than 34 years working in the field of education, she has taught Pre-Kindergarten through 10th grade, served as principal, and also served as an associate superintendent.

Evelyn was born and raised in New York and has attended Seventh-day Adventist Schools from her early elementary years through graduate school. As a young student, Evelyn remembers teaching her four younger siblings what she learned in school. Teaching was her first love and she continues to use her education skills in her current role as early childhood director.

Evelyn attended Atlantic Union College and graduated with a B.S. degree in elementary education and a concentration in early childhood. Several years after teaching for the denomination, she completed her Master of Education with a concentration in administration from Atlantic Union College. She and her husband, Kevin, have three adult children and six grandchildren who brighten up their lives.

Martha Ban

Director of Technology for Education

phone: 701.248.0049

fax: 443.259.4887


Martha Aastrup Ban is a dedicated Adventist educator with a lifelong passion for teaching and technology integration. She began her teaching journey as an 8th-grade tutor for 1st graders, fostering a love for education from an early age. Holding a BS in elementary education from Atlantic Union College and an MS in Education with a focus on Reading and Instructional Technology from Framingham State College, Martha has taught various age groups, from pre-kindergarten to college, in Massachusetts and Maine.

Martha's teaching experience includes one- and two-room schools, which sparked her deep commitment to supporting overworked teachers. Her favorite age group to teach is grades 5-8, as she finds the content engaging and the students dynamic. Furthermore, Martha served as the editor and writer for the Atlantic Union Teacher Bulletin and played vital roles as a curriculum specialist, webmaster, and instructor at Griggs International Academy.

Transitioning after approximately 30 years of classroom teaching, Martha now serves as the Director of Technology for Education at the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists. Her primary focus lies in advancing technology in education, demonstrating her unwavering dedication to supporting NAD educators in utilizing technology effectively. AE-Connect, AE Dashboard/Data Rollup, eCertification, and AE Educator’s Corner are just some of the platforms under her management.

Beyond her professional life, Martha's interests encompass technology integration with learning, camping, gardening, model railroading, and reading. She loves quality time spent with her husband Gerry, who recently retired as the Associate Director of Education for the Mid-America Union Conference, and their two adult children. Kaitlynn is the Senior Anesthesiology Resident at the Ohio State University Veterinary Medical Center. Christopher is a senior software engineer for CDK Global in Portland, Oregon. Together with their cat, two dogs, and fish, Martha and Gerry reside in Lincoln, Nebraska, fully immersed in the world of Adventist Education.

Paola Oudri

Adventist Learning Community (ALC) Educational Professional
Development Coordinator

phone: 269.519.4074

fax: 443.259.4887



Andrea Luxton

Associate Director, Higher Education

phone: 269.985.3842


Andrea Luxton has served as associate director, higher education at the North American Division since July 2023.  

Luxton began her career in education in 1982 as Head of English for Stanborough School in England, her home country. After spending four years at Catholic University in Washington, D.C., as both a student and part-time teaching assistant and lecturer, she returned to England to chair the English Department at Newbold College from 1986–1991. Beginning in 1991, she held multiple responsibilities as education director, Sabbath School director and women’s ministries coordinator of the British Union of Seventh-day Adventists. In 1993, Luxton returned to her roots at Stanborough, this time as principal. She remained there until 1997, at which time she became president of Newbold College, England. In 2001, Luxton relocated to Canada where she served as vice-president for academic administration at Canadian University College(now Burman University) in Lacombe, Alberta, from 2001–2003. She served as associate director of education for the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists from 2003–2006, during which time she was also the Executive Secretary of the Adventist Accrediting Association.  In 2006, Luxton accepted the role of president of Canadian University College. She served in that capacity until her transition to Andrews University as Provost in 2010, and then as President in 2016. She retired from Andrews University in 2023 and accepted a part-time role as associate director, higher education at the North American Division in July 2023.

Luxton received a BA in theology and English from Newbold College, an MA in English from Andrews University, a PhD in English from Catholic University of America and a Postgraduate Diploma in Institutional Management and Change in Higher Education from the University of Twente, Netherlands.

Luxton has written a number of articles for professional and church publications, often using these mediums as a way of connecting her passions for literature, education and the life of faith.  She is also an experienced international speaker both in and outside of Church audiences. Her hobbies include reading world literature, walking by the ocean and traveling to remote destinations.

Marc Grundy

Director of Marketing, Association of Adventist College & Universities

phone: 423.504.6321

fax: 443.259.4887


 Marc Grundy is the Director of Marketing for Higher Education at the North American Division.  He is passionate about Adventist Education and making it possible for every student to attend one of our schools, as he feels like education is one of the best evangelistic tools for sharing Jesus with those in and out of the Seventh-day Adventist church.

Marc holds a BS in Business Administration from Southern Adventist University, and an MBA in Marketing from the University of Tennessee.  He most recently worked as the Vice President of Enrollment Management at Southern Adventist University for 21+ years.

Marc is happily married to his wife, Meagan, for the past 21 years.  Meagan is also a graduate of Southern Adventist University (BS Nursing).  Marc and Meagan have two children; their daughter Gabriella (16) and son Hayden (13).  The Grundy Family enjoys traveling and have called the following places home:  United States (California, Oregon, Arizona, Washington D.C., Virginia, Alabama, and Tennessee), Australia, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, and Germany.

The role of the NAD Office of Education is to create a vision for Adventist education and to develop resources that assist educators in implementing that vision.


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