Note that some of these books are written by non-Adventist authors and may not fully reflect Seventh-day Adventist philosophy. However, we believe there is value in these books which have been selected to inspire, bring insight, and challenge your thinking.

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A Professional Growth Books List is published annually by the North American Division Office of Education. We encourage all educators to be life-long learners and believe that these books will help you toward that goal.

Annual Professional Growth Book Lists

2023-2024 Professional Growth Books


2012-2013 Professional Growth Books

2011-2012 Professional Growth Books

The following video clips (5-8 minutes) focus on various aspects of Seventh-day Adventist education, including how to nurture faith in students’ lives, how to convey a clear Adventist identity and mission, and how we can more effectively evaluate student learning, among other topics. They are provided courtesy of The Journal of Adventist Education.

Other Professional Growth Resources

Journal of Adventist Education

A prize-winning educational journal for Adventist educators. Adventist Education teachers can fulfill part of their recertification credit by faithfully reading this informative magazine. We encourage teachers and administrators not only to read this journal, but to write for it as well.