Student Learning Standards White Paper

Standards for Student Learning in Adventist Schools

Secondary standards for the 38 courses accomplish the following:

  • Provide clear expectations for student learning and accountability.
  • Provide an essential user-friendly tool for developing instruction.
  • Transform textbooks from curriculum guide to a resource for instruction.
  • Provide for a complete and uniform Adventist secondary curriculum.
  • Have been developed exclusively by Seventh-day Adventist educators.
  • Have been aligned with the goals of Journey to Excellence
  • Have been developed using national and state standards, NAD curriculum guides, and standards compendiums such as those produced by MCREL and Ten Sigma.


Secondary Bible Standards

Bible Standards

Secondary Business Education Standards

All Secondary Business Education Standards

Secondary Fine Arts Standards

All Secondary Fine Arts Standards

PDF Individual Standards:


Visual Art

Secondary Foreign Languages Standards

PDF Individual Standards:

Foreign Languages

Secondary Health & Physical Education Standards

All Secondary Health & P.E. Standards

Secondary Language Arts Standards

All Secondary Language Arts Standards

PDF Individual Standards:

Grade 9

Grade 10

Grade 11

Grade 12

Secondary Mathematics Standards

All Secondary Mathematics Standards

Secondary Science Standards

Secondary Science Website

All Secondary Science Standards

Secondary Social Studies Standards

All Secondary Social Studies Standards

Secondary Technology Standards

All Secondary Cross-Curricular Technology Standards