Seventh-day Adventist schools make use of a coordinated curriculum employing specified learning materials. This page contains information regarding classroom literature guidelines and recommended textbooks for both elementary and secondary learning.

Secondary Education Textbooks

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The North American Division coordinates the review and recommendation of secondary textbooks. The list of approved secondary textbooks is developed through peer review by current classroom teachers. The following gives additional information about the selection process, current schedule for textbook review, and recommended textbooks by subject.

Selection of Secondary Textbooks

Creation Health Resources


Foreign Language


Social Studies

Literature Selection Guidelines for Secondary Schools

Adventist Education holds teaching materials to a high standard. Please reference the Literature Guidelines document for information regarding appropriate literature for Seventh-day Adventist teaching.

Secondary Education Literature Guidelines

Alternative Textbook Adoption Form

The North American Division does not provide an Alternative Secondary Textbook Adoption Form. Each Union has developed their own protocols for secondary subject textbook adoption. Please contact your Union Education Director and/or Secondary Education Director for protocol/process on how to apply for alternative textbook