Stepping Stones Components

 The new NAD Kindergarten Stepping Stones program is based on the belief that kindergarten is a stepping stone between home, early childhood education, and the primary grades of school. The program recognizes that young ones are created in God's image and must be nurtured to think, learn, choose, and grow. It is responsive to individual differences in developmental stages, abilities, and interests.


2012-2013 Teacher Materials

  • Teacher’s Manual
  • 10 Daily Lesson Guides and blackline CDs
  • 37 Trade Books
  • 1 Resource Book (Poetry)
  • 10 Bible Story Lapbooks
  • Bible Story/Music CD
  • Stairway to Reading Kit (Phonics)


Student Materials

  • Kindergarten Bible Story Readers*
  • Bible Story/Music CDs*
  • Stairway to Reading Student Activity Book*


Daily Lesson Guides

  • One for each Theme
  • Full Color
  • Many illustrations
  • Developmentally-appropriate activities that support Target Skills . . . more   choices are included than a teacher can cover


Phonics: Stairway to Reading

Two Main Components

1.  Phonics Kit (stored in drawers or resealable bags in classroom)

  • Objects for each letter of the alphabet - comes in sets
  • Picture cards for each letter of the alphabet
  • Sandpaper letters
  • Plastic letters
  • Word-building cards


2.  Consumable Stairway to Reading Student Activity Book

  • Practice tracing each letter to reinforce sound/symbol association
  • Optional handwriting practice
  • 72 consumable phonetic readers
  • Tracking cards for ongoing authentic assessment


Southern Union K-2 Multi-grade BRIDGE


  Table of Contents

  Teacher's Notes

  Lesson at a Glance

  Detailed Daily Lesson Plan


Activity Masters

Extension Materials


Sneak Peek

Preview the Kendall Hunt pages in development, click on the following links:

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  Brrrr Music sample page  

  Brrrr PE sample page 

  Brrrr Science sample page 

  Brrrr Social Studies sample page  

  Brrrr Technology sample page

  Brrrr Worship Bible sample page

  Lapbook Cover

  Lapbook pages 19 and 26-1

  Lapbook pages 3 and 10

  Stairway 2 Reading _Student_TOC

  Stairway 2 Reading_Student_page v and vi

  Stairway to Reading TM pages 22 to 24

  Stairway to Reading TM TOC

  Stairway to Reading_TM_cover



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